Preschool for EC Students


    Durham Public Schools, (DPS) provides special education services to children who are found eligible in one or more of 14 disabling categories.  Some of the eligibility categories include developmental delay, speech language impairment and autism, among others.

    Upon eligibility determination, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed for each child outlining the services required to meet the child’s special education needs.  Some of the services may include special education support from a teacher, speech language therapy, occupational therapy or physical therapy.  The placement and frequency of service delivery is determined by the IEP team. DPS offers a full continuum of services and children are placed in the least restrictive environment.  Children who are found eligible may begin receiving services on their third birthday and services are provided according to the DPS school calendar.

    If you feel that your child is in need of special education services and you would like to make a referral, please call Leslie Greene at 919-560-3933.  To speak to someone in Spanish, call Rosemarie Baker at 919-560-2673 to make a referral. Durham Public Schools will conduct screenings and/or evaluations necessary to determine eligibility at no cost to the family.

    If your child has a current IEP and you are moving to Durham County, please call April Washington for assistance at 919-560-2000, ext. 35727.  For questions about your child's classroom assignment, please contact Qushanna Glass at 919-560-2000, ext. 91202 or April Washington at 919-560-2000, ext. 35727. 

    Durham Public Schools also serves at-risk four-year-old children through our Title I pre-kindergarten program. Eligibility for this program is determined through the Durham PreK Application and screening process conducted in the winter and early spring. Children who live in Durham County and will be four years old on or before August 31 of the program year are invited to apply. The application and screening process is conducted in conjunction with Durham’s Partnership for Children and Child Care Services Association. Some programs require income information. Families interested in applying for these programs can find more information here or call 1-833-PREK-EDU (1-833-773-5338). Available spots are limited and placement is based on eligibility requirements for each program.

    For general information or questions about Durham Public Schools’ preschool services, please call 919-560-3505.

    Who to call for help with...

    • Referrals for special education (English) | Leslie Greene | 919-560-3933
    • Referrals for special education (Spanish) | Erica Manning | 919-560-2000 (ext. 26262)
    • Transfer IEPs | April Washington | 919-560-2000 (ext. 35727) 
    • Classroom assignments | Qushanna Glass 919-560-2000 (ext. 91202) and April Washington | 919-560-2000 (ext. 35727)
    • Durham PreK application| 1-833-PREK-EDU (1-833-773-5338)
    • General DPS preschool information | 919-560-3505