• Labels for RHMS

    Shopping Anyway? Help Rogers-Herr the Easy Way!

    Here are some easy ways to raise money for Rogers-Herr without spending anything extra! It's easy to do. Ask your family, neighbors, and friends to participate. The only cost is a few minutes of their time. All these little things add up to big bucks for our school.


    Shoparoo is an app (for both Android and iPhone) that lets you earn cash donations for your school, just by taking pictures of your shopping receipts! It's so easy! It doesn't matter where you shop, what you buy, or where you eat — every receipt counts! Download the free app at Shoparoo.com and use referral code goh50341.

    Link Your Cards!

    If you shop at any of the stores below, please link your shopper's card to Rogers Herr — online, at the Customer Service desk, or at checkout.

    Remember to re-link your rewards cards every year in August.

    Harris Teeter

    Harris Teeter Together in Education

    Link your VIC card to RHMS. Our school code is 3646. Buy items categorized as "Together in Education" products and a percentage of the sale will be donated to the school annually. Look for this special label on the shelf.

    Office Depot

    Office Depot

    No card required! Office Depot will donate 5% of your purchase to the school. At checkout, request credit for our school by name or ID # 70060919. You can also shop online at OfficeDepot.com to get 5% donated to our school.

    Collect Those Labels!

    Many of the products you already buy have logos and labels that can earn money for our school! Send them to school with your child — there will be a plastic bag in your child's social studies classroom for the collection. For more information, contact email Tamiko Sanders at miko3519@aol.com.

    Box Tops for Education

    Box Tops Insignia

    Save these Box Top proof of purchase symbols — each one is worth a dime for our school and they can really add up. Send these to school, preferably in groups of 10. They're on all kinds of products, from cereals to frozen veggies to diapers and paper products. Visit the Box Tops website for more info and a complete product list.

    Tyson Project A+

    Tyson Project A+

    Designated Tyson product labels are worth $0.24 per label. Collect labels and send them in with your child to school.

    Shop Online



    Go to our RHMS PTA Furtal website and earn cash for our school with each purchase on many items including books, clothes, travel, iTunes downloads, etc.

    Become a Box Tops member online, and you'll be able to earn money for RHMS online and print coupons for Box Tops products.