Information about Graduation Ceremonies

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    Please remember that no balloons, flowers, confetti, silly string, sound makers, signs, posters, or items to throw onto the floor are allowed inside Cameron Indoor Stadium. They will not be allowed inside the building so please leave them at home. 


    All graduates should wear full regalia for their school including but not limited to, gown, cap and tassel. Please contact your school if you have any questions regarding regalia and regalia orders for your school.


    Neatly pressed (use a cool iron or hang up in a bathroom to allow steam from shower to help the wrinkles fall out).


    Worn straight on the head, top of cap should be flat, parallel to the ground.
    Please note that decorated caps will not be permitted. 


    Worn over the right temple before a student graduates.

    Graduate Dress Code

    The faculty and staff of Durham Public Schools want to make your graduation a most memorable experience.  We ask for your full cooperation with the dress code for graduation.  If you have any questions as to the appropriate dress for the occasion, please check with your principal.  
    Any students, due to extenuating circumstances or extreme hardship, who cannot acquire an item necessary to meet the dress code requirements should discuss the situation with your school’s graduation coordinator and/or principals prior to graduation rehearsal.


    • dark shoes (no topsiders, boots, or athletic shoes), 
    • dark dress socks, 
    • dress pants (not jeans), 
    • dress tie or bow tie, and 
    • a white or light blue dress shirt.  


    • dark shoes (no colorful hose).  Be careful not to have too high of a heel since you will be walking up and down steps. 
    • skirt and blouse, a dress, or dress slacks 
    • necklaces and dangling earrings should not be worn.  
    Caps with decorated tops, purses and/or book bags will not be allowed in the procession.

    Graduation Day Etiquette 

    • Seniors should remain quiet at all times and should not get out of line at any time. 
    • Balloons, noise makers, and signs are prohibited. 
    • No gum is allowed.
    • Seniors will graduate in alphabetical order by last name.  
    • Marshals will direct seniors when to stand and when to walk to the stage. 
    • Seniors should stand and sit together as a row.
    • When crossing the stage, seniors will receive the diploma cover with their left hand and shake hands with the right hand. 
    • After receiving your diploma cover, continue to walk across the stage and shake the hand of any dignitaries who may be on stage with you. Go down the steps and return to your seat. 
    • Remain standing until everyone from your row has returned to your seat. 
    • After everyone has received their diploma cover, the Superintendent will declare you graduates of Durham Public Schools.  At that time, all seniors will turn the tassel on their cap from the right to the left.