• JHS Advanced Placement Special Memo

    AP Testing 2020

    Advanced Placement Forms will be distributed to students through their AP Classes. Forms include the permission to test off campus, test fee, and opt-out form.

    • All completed forms are due by September 20th to Mrs. Machak (Oertel) in Student Services.
    • Students must also register for the exam on the CollegeBoard website using the “Join Code” they received from each of their AP Teachers. Students enrolled in an AP Course do not have to pay CollegeBoard exam fees. 
    • Exam dates have been revised since the letter sent home 9/6-9/9. Please review the AP Exam schedule at the following link: https://apcentral.collegeboard.org/courses/exam-dates-and-fees
    • Students planning on taking an AP exam for a course which they are not currently enrolled are subject to the AP Exam Fees AND need to speak with Mrs. Machak (Oertel) prior to September 20, 2019