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     Encore! Afterschool Registration begins Thursday, July 18th 2019

    Traditional ENCORE! Programs start on Monday, Septmeber 9, 2019.

    Waitlist Schools: The following afterschool programs are currently CLOSED for the 2019-20 school year and students are being placed on a waitlist. Parents should complete a paper registration below and return it to our office.  No fees are required until you are called about an opening for your child.




    Encore 2019-20 Online Registration

    Encore 2019-20 Registration Form

    Encore 2019-20 Calendar English

    Encore 2019-20 Registration Form Spanish

    Encore 2019-20 Calendar Spanish


    ENCORE! Program Components:

    Basics to the Basics of After-school (B2B)        B2B allows students to participate in a series of 

                                                                                          welcome activities such as ice breakers,

                                                                                          cooperative activities, ENCORE! rules and creating

                                                                                          social contracts.  This allows the tone to be set for 

                                                                                          students and staff from the beginning to the end 

                                                                                          of the program.                                                                       

    Homework Zone:                                                    *Homework Assistance 

                                                                                          (Certified Teachers from school day)

                                                                                          *Study Groups                                                                

    Character Education:                                              ENCORE! utilizes Character Counts as a framework

                                                                                          based on basic values called The Six Pillars of

                                                                                          Character: trustworthiness, respect, 

                                                                                          responibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship by

                                                                                          Josephso Institute.  Students engage monthly in

                                                                                         various activities around the Six Character Traits.         

    STEM Activities:                                                      STEM activities occur monthly. These activities 

                                                                                         are in-depth and rigorous one day projects that

                                                                                         facilitate learning on a particular topic. These

                                                                                         activities are linked to learning concepts that 

                                                                                         take place during the school day.                                    

    Physical Sports in After-school:                         Students will engage in various physical activities

                                                                                         to help with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.                   

    Teen Initiatives:                                                     Students will participate in various team building

                                                                                         anti-bullying and leadership development activities

                                                                                         that will prepare them for a brighter future.                

    Showtime!                                                               Got Talent? Every student has a talent that he/she

                                                                                         would like to demonstrate. Students will work in

                                                                                         groups or by themselves to prepare for 

                                                                                         Showtime/Lights, Camera & Action.                                

    Site Planned Activities:                                         Each site will have the opportunity to plan 

                                                                                         various activities and schedule resources. All

                                                                                         activities must be indicated on activity schedules 

                                                                                         submitted to CE monthly. Each site should 

                                                                                         provide an updated schedule if any activities

                                                                                         change periodically after submission of plans.            


                         ENCORE! Bulding Brighter Futures for Our Middle School Students


    Support & Partnerships:

    Durham County Government:  Provides partial funding for this program. It has generously supoorted middle school students and was instrumental in founding this program since 1993.

    Citizen Schools:  Is a national youth serving agency providing "apprenticeships" to students at Loves Grove and Neal middle school. Students participate in "hands-on" STEM activities where community and business volunteers provide lessons each semester and demonstrate what they learned at their public WOW events.

    iScholar (NC State):  The iScholar program empowers students to consider how they can substantively contribute to the improvement of the social and physical conditions in which they live. Students collaborate on meaningful projects that speak to issues they have identified within their own communities with the help from teachers, parents, and professional engineers through the concept of achievement motivation.

    Junior League of Durham and Orange County:  The Junior League of Durham and Orange Counties, Inc. is an organization of woman committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women, and improving communities through the effectives action  and leadership of trained volunteers. The partnership with ENCORE! centers its focus around empowering young ladies as future leaders by focusing on the whole student. The relevant lessons ranging from slef-esteem and stress management, to healthy living and eating, allow the students to increase awareness, but also implement what they've learned into their lives.



    • Cost: Students can join afetrschool by completing a paper application form or register on-line. Cost is $50 per semster or $100 for the full yeasr. See our operating Calendar as we don't operate everyday. Scholarships are available for student at every school - See below for more information.
    • Attendance Policy: Students are expected to attend as often as possible (preferably everyday) to gain the most for the program. Our research has shown students make the most progress academically and socially and build resilliency against risk factors when they attend regularly and for multiple years in our program. Our minimum attendance policy requires  students to attend at least two full days a week or an hour each day of the week. Due to limited space at each program, we want to maximize attendance in the program which is based on our average daily attendance. Students may be dropped from the program to allow other students to attend.
    • Buses:  Bus transportion is provided from each school program as long as the students are actively participating in ENCORE!and students live within the school's attednance zone. Afterschool bus transportion is a privilege and could be denied if the student conduct becomes an issue. Students leave campus at 5:30pm and will arrive home in under an hour. An afterschool bus stop is created for each student requesting transpotation.
    • Snacks:  A healthy snack and drink is provided by DPS Child Nutrition Services in the program each day and follow Federal snack guidelines. An alternative snack can be porvided if a special dietary need is requested and communicated with our staff.
    • Wait List:  A wait list will be formed after a school program exceeds the enrollment capacity. We staff at a 1:15 ration and monitor average daily attendance monthly in order to maximize enrollment. Waitlist are formed on a first come first served basis and does not require payment until your child is accepted into the program. Removing students  from a waitlist is a priority for us but at times can be a lengthy wait process due to long lists and staffing.
    • Scholarships:  Are available to any student with limited means or circumstances. Scholarship forms can be found on our Forms page which describes multiple ways for students to qualify. Scholarship students adhere to the same rules when placed on a waitlist. Exceptions are made in rare emergency situations that involve a child's immediate safety and involve social service agencies.


    Before School Programs (6:30-8:30am Daily):


     Durham School of the Arts & School for Creative Studies

    Community Education is pleased to provide quality and affordable before school programs at Durham School of the Arts and the School for Creative Studies, where learning is fun! Our programs provide families with safe and nurturing place for their children to be actively engaged in enriching activities during the before school hours.

    Registration Fee:

    Non-Refundable registration fee $35 (per child)

    20 day before school fee (monthly) $85

    Before school for 2nd child $80

    Before school for 3rd child $40

    To Register: 

    Complete a registration form 

    Send the Fee for one 20-day cycle plus $35 registration fee for each child. This registration fee and one cycle payment is not refundable.


     Forms & Documents:

    ENCORE! Parent Handbook

    More Found on the ENCORE! Forms Page

Meet Our Staff

  • Larin Moore, Brogden Middle School


    Terry Applewhite, Carrington Middle School

    Mrs. Terry Applewhite had worked with ENCORE! program for 6 years. She brings to the position 9 years of teaching experience and is currently a Principal Intern. Her background as a CTE teacher has allowed her to as asset to the ENCORE! program for many different capacities.

    Ashlei Walton, Neal Middle School

    Having earned a Bachelor's Degree from North Carolina Central University in Business Administration with a comcentration in Management, she has made children her business for the past six years.  Ms. Walton has a desire to be a positive role model and wants to make a difference in the lives of youth, someone they can relate to.  She enjoys going on random road trips and vacations and hanging out with her younger siblings.

    Carma Fuller, Rogers Herr Middle School

    She brings with over 13 years of experience working with youth of all ages. Nine of those years have been serving children in ENCORE! programs within DPS in various capacities.  Her biggest passion is working with children with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  She is a mother of two beautiful boys and enjoys nothing better than spending with them.  She has dreams to open her own healthcare agency where she can continue to serve children with disabilities. 

    De-Idra Moore, Lucas Middle School

    Ms. Moore has been working with children for nearly ten years where she has used her credentials in Early Childhood Education to manage her program. She enjoys spending time with her family and has "impromptu" concerts with her niece. She is slso an avid cook. Her dream job would be to own a catering business and someday visit France. She feels she is able to guide children in a positive direction and give that boost of confidence to accomplish whatever a child set's his or her mind to.

    Crystal Douglas, Githens Middle School

    Ms. Douglas has been working with children of all ages for the past eight years, but her most memorable or rewarding experience was as a "Servant Leader" in a summer camp program called "Freedom Schools"- A Children's Defense Fund initiative. She has a BS degree in Public Education as well as a Master's degree in School Counseling from North Carolina Central University. When Crystal is not working she enjoys spending time with family and friends and loves to sing and act. Crystal believes we all have a purpose to share our gifts and talents with the next generation so they can grow to be productive citizens.

    Donielle McLaughlin, Lowes Grove Middle School


    Sam Perkins, Shepard Middle School


    Jarome Gripper, Program Specialist

    Jarome is the Secondary Program Specialist with Durham Public Schools. In this role, he supervises a team that provides quality afterschool programming with a focus on servicing the whole student. Aspects of servicing the whole student includes positive recreational alternatives, academics, and socioemotional awareness. Combined Jarmone has more that six years of experience both in and out of the classroom with DPS. Prior to working in education he worked in various capacities in the Parks and Recreation Field. Passionate about middle school students and their endless potential, Jarome's fulfillment comes from watching them evolve as students and young adults.

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