Capital Budget Summary

  • Description:

    Complete breakout of budgeted capital expenditures for 2018-19 by site and revenue source.

    Key Takeaways:

    The 2018-19 budget includes $17.7 M in planned capital improvements. Capital infrastructure across the district includes 53 schools and 5 office buildings, totaling approximately 6 million square feet of building space, along with fleet vehicles, furniture, and other capitalized equipment.

    Capital improvements are overwhelming funded with local dollars: 76.1 percent of the capital improvement budget is funded by 2016 local bond proceeds and 15.4 percent is funded with other local appropriations and revenue sources. State lottery proceeds make up 8.5 percent of the total capital budget.

    Primary capital improvement projects for the 2018-19 academic year include:

    • Renovations at Eno Valley, DSA, Jordan, Merrick-Moore, Pearsontown, Riverside, and Hillside
    • Roof replacements at Riverside, Lowes Grove, Club Boulevard, C.C. Spaulding, Holt, Bethesda, and the Staff Development Center
    • Chiller and boiler replacements in several locations
    • Installation of security vestibules
    • Tennis court lighting