Poster Maker

  • Overview

    • The Learn OnDemand Poster Maker System allows us to make large, full-color posters from templates, original photos, or documents.
    • To have a poster made, you must get approval from Dr. Fuga.
    • If you have any questions or need help after using the resources below, please contact Mr. Wylie

Requesting a Custom Poster

    1. One of the easiest ways to create a poster of your own design is to use Google Slides. On a single slide, design the poster, and then go FILE -> DOWNLOAD AS and select PDF. It is essential that you provide the correct file type. You can easily make posters from Canva or Adobe Spark as well.
    2. Posters can also be created from other images or PDF files, and we have a scanner as well.
    3. Once you have designed your poster and received approval from Dr. Fuga, complete the Poster Request Form.

Requesting a Poster from a Template

    1. Check out the poster template gallery.
    2. Templates can easily be printed in both small (18x24) and large (24x36) sizes.
    3. Templates can be modified, so include your requests, along with the template number, when you complete the Poster Request Form.