Helpful Information


    Anyone wishing to volunteer at Sandy Ridge OR go on a field trip must be approved to volunteer through DPS. Applications may be completed online HERE.

    Students who are not enrolled in before school care may enter the building no earlier than 7:15 am. School begins at 7:45 am. Children are considered tardy if they arrive to their classroom after this time. Therefore, if your child needs breakfast at school, they need to arrive in plenty of time to get breakfast, eat, and walk to the classroom. Students who arrive at school after 7:45 am must be signed in by a parent or guardian. 

    Students who leave prior to 11:00 am, or arrive after 11 am are considered absent for the day.

    Absences are considered unexcused unless you send a note explaining the reason for your child's absence. Examples of excusable absences are sickness, medical/dental appointment, death in immediate family, or educational opportunities (if approved in advance).

    Car riders must be picked up promptly at 2:15 pm. Office hours are from 7:00 am-3:00 pm. Teachers and staff have meetings beginning at 2:30 pm and are unable to supervise any children. 

    Bus transportation is available for students who live in the following districts only: Mangum, Eno Valley, Little River, Glenn, Easley, Holt, and Hillandale. Parents must register for transportation every school year.

    Transportation changes must be received no later than 11 am (9 am on Early Release days).

    Students may not be checked out after 1:45 pm (11:45 am on Early Release days) except in the event of an emergency.

    Students who leave early miss out on important instructional time. Students should not be leaving early on a regular basis without a valid reason.

    Students will be dismissed at 12:15 pm on Early Release days.

    Please remember to notify the office if you have a change of address or phone number. Proof of residency is required to change your address.

    The DPS Wellness Policy states that student birthday celebrations shall be consolidated to no more than one per month per class. Non-food celebrations are encouraged, and ideas for suggested alternatives will be made available to staff and parents.

    Foods brought to school by students, parents, or community members to feed more than one child during school hours or at school-sponsored events must meet the requirements of Policy 3021.5 and may consist only of one or more of the following:

    A. Peelable whole fruits or vegetables;

    B. Unpeelable whole fruits or vegetables that are both pre-washed and washed on site;

    C. Bottled water;

    D. Pre-packaged foods or foods prepared by a restaurant or catering service that meets all applicable food safety and sanitation requirements;


    E. Any other foods approved in advance by the principal or principal’s designee.