Sandy Ridge is a visual and performing arts magnet school. Students are eligible to enroll in grades K-5 only after completing an application to enter the lottery (a random selection process that allows families to register their magnet choices) and then being selected in the lottery. The magnet application period for admission for the 2021-22 academic year has ended. Check back in November for information on the magnet application period for 2022-23. 

    Students enrolled in Pre-K at Sandy Ridge and siblings of currently enrolled students are NOT guaranteed admission and must also be admitted through the lottery system. (Learn about the Pre-K program at Sandy Ridge HERE.) 

    If your child is currently enrolled in Kindergarten through 4th grade at Sandy Ridge, he or she has continued enrollment through 5th grade as long as you reside in Durham County and do not withdraw or enroll them in any other school. 
    Minimum requirements to apply for Kindergarten:
    1. Child lives in Durham County
    2. Child will be five years old on or before August 31 of the year the child will attend Kindergarten


    Lottery Timeline
    • Lottery Notification Results Posted: Monday, March 1, 2021 - Lottery notification results will be e-mailed and posted on the Parent Dashboard of the parent/guardian SmartChoice Application Account at dpsncapplication.com.
    • Deadline to Accept Assigned Lottery Seats: Friday, March 19, 2021 (5:00 pm) – Parent/Guardian must accept the lottery seat by this deadline.  Lottery assignments not accepted by this deadline will be automatically marked as a declined seat. If an applicant accepts a lottery assignment, his/her name will be removed from all other lottery application waitlist(s). Declined seats are final and cannot be reclaimed.
    • Assigned Applicants – Applicants who were selected through the lottery must complete all registration requirements (proof of residency, etc.) in accordance with the deadlines established by the school. Applicants who are offered a magnet lottery seat may decline their assignment and remain wait-listed for a possible later assignment to another school/program/pathway applied for.
    • Waitlisted Applicants – If seats become available, applicants who are waitlisted will be assigned in the numbered order in which they are waitlisted. This process begins every two weeks from March 1st – June 30th for calendar magnet schools, and March 1st - July 31st for program magnet schools and CTE Pathways.
    • Exceptional Children’s Programs (ECP) -  Please note: ECP may override lottery assignments for students whose IEP teams indicate the need for a separate/self-contained placement. 

    Sandy Ridge Lottery Preferences 

    • Applicants who are domiciled in the priority zone will receive first consideration for assignment.
    • Applicants who are domiciled in the attendance zones of the priority schools (Easley, Eno Valley, Glenn, Hillandale, Holt, Little River and Mangum) will receive second consideration for assignment.
    • Applicants who are domiciled outside the attendance zones of the priority schools will receive third consideration for assignment.

     **Siblings attending priority 

    Only applicants who are domiciled in the attendance zones of the priority schools (Easley, Eno Valley, Glenn, Hillandale, Holt, Little River and Mangum) will receive transportation services. 

    Learn more about Sandy Ridge

    We are unable to offer tours in-person this year, however you can learn more about our school by viewing our Virtual School Tour: EnglishSpanish 

    For additional information, please contact:

    Carolyn Allen
    Magnet Coordinator
    (919) 560-2695 ext. 69057