Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Do you have a sports program?
    A: The School for Creative Studies does not offer traditional competitive sports. Students enrolled at SCS in grades 9-12 only may be eligible to participate in competitive sports at their base school; however, transportation from SCS to the base school is not provided by Durham Public School. Questions can be directed to the DPS athletic director, Larry McDonald at (919) 560-3742. We do have unique athletic offerings in fencing and cycling and offer several intramural and club sports teams. 

    Q: What time can I drop my child off at school in the morning?
    A: Our school hours for students will be from 8:30 a.m. to 3:20 p.m., and we will open the building at 8:10 a.m. for students to be dropped off at school. Before-school care is available through the Encore program. 

    Q: Will my child be able to ride the bus to school?
    A: Transportation will be provided no matter where you live in Durham county. Morning transportation is provided through Express stops and parents are responsible for getting students to an Express stop. Afternoon transportation is to neighborhood stops. 

    Q: Will you have before-school care?
    A: Before-school and after-school care are available through the Encore program provided there is enough parent interest in the program. Both programs are available for grades 6-9. 

    Q: What is the mascot for The School of Creative Studies?
    A: The Gryphon

    Q: I missed the lottery deadline. Can my child still enroll in your school?
    A: It is very unlikely. Based on DPS policy, the Office of Student Assignment may consider transfer requests only if all lottery applicants have been exhausted and there are remaining unfilled seats. Please contact the Office of Student Assignment with questions at (919) 560-2059.

    Q: My child was not selected for your school on the first lottery round. What are my child’s chances of being selected during subsequent lottery rounds?
    A: We at the School for Creative Studies have no control over lottery proceedings. If you have questions on the lottery process or need more information, please call the Durham Public Schools Office of Student Assignment at (919) 560-2059.

    Q: How does SCS differ from a visual and performing arts magnet school?
    A: SCS is not a traditional performing and visual arts school. It offers media, communication and design arts experiences for students and develops their creative skill sets. We will not offer chorus, band, dance, etc.