• Students complete their core high school coursework with the MCHS faculty, certified Durham Public Schools teachers, as they transition to a schedule that consists of more DTCC courses which also are credited toward the high school diploma.


    Minimum requirements for admission to MCHS: 

    • Candidate must be at least a junior (in terms of high school credit).
    • Minimum of 2.3 GPA at time of application.
    • Candidate must be on schedule to graduate on time.
    • Candidate must have completed the following courses: 
      • World History
      • English 1
      • English 2
      • Alg. 1 and Geometry 


      • Common Core Maths 1 and 2



    Middle College High School accepts applications only from home schools approved by the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Instruction, or the equivalent out-of-state agency (for non-North Carolina applicants)


    MCHS high school course offerings include the following:




    Social Studies

    English 3 and 4

    Earth/Environmental, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry

    Common Core Math 3,

    Adv. Functions and Modeling

    Civics/Economics, Amer. History 1,

    Amer. History 2 

    Students take DTCC courses to fulfill elective requirements, OR to fulfill a high school core requirement when they place out of MCHS core courses.  For example, a student who is prepared to take calculus (as his/her last high school math requirement), may enroll in a calculus class with DTCC, provided s/he has satisfied the placement testing requirement (see DTCC Placement Testing).

    MCHS students are required to take four courses per semester.  As stated above, a student's coursework is a combination of both college and high school courses.  Depending on the number of core requirements a student has completed prior to enrolling at MCHS, a typical schedule could look like this:


    Number of high school courses

    Number of college courses

    1st semester junior



    2nd semester junior



    1st semester senior



    2nd semester senior


    There are exceptions to the above however, based on core course requirements a student has filled prior to coming to MCHS.


    Exceptional Children's Services
    MCHS is staffed with a part-time, Exceptional Children resource teacher to deliver E.C. services, ensuring that Individual Education Plans are properly followed.