• Students complete their core high school coursework with the MCHS faculty, certified Durham Public Schools teachers, as they transition to a schedule that consists of more DTCC courses which also are credited toward the high school diploma.


    Minimum requirements for admission to MCHS: 

    • Candidate must be at least a junior (in terms of high school credit).
    • Minimum of 2.5 GPA at time of application.
    • Candidate must be on schedule to graduate on time.
    • Candidate must have completed the following courses: 
      • World History
      • English 1
      • English 2
      • Alg. 1 and Geometry 


      • Common Core Maths 1 and 2



    Middle College High School accepts applications only from home schools approved by the North Carolina Division of Non-Public Instruction, or the equivalent out-of-state agency (for non-North Carolina applicants)


    MCHS high school course offerings include the following:




    Social Studies

    English 3 and 4

    Earth/Environmental, Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry

    Common Core Math 3,

    Adv. Functions and Modeling

    Civics/Economics, Amer. History 1,

    Amer. History 2 

    Students take DTCC courses to fulfill elective requirements, OR to fulfill a high school core requirement when they place out of MCHS core courses.  For example, a student who is prepared to take calculus (as his/her last high school math requirement), may enroll in a calculus class with DTCC, provided s/he has satisfied the placement testing requirement (see DTCC Placement Testing).

    Possible Electives: (Dependent on student demand)

    Yearbook Journalism, Creative Writing or Trends in Contemporary Literacy. 


    There are exceptions to the above however, based on core course requirements a student has filled prior to coming to MCHS.


    Exceptional Children's Services
    MCHS is staffed with a part-time, Exceptional Children resource teacher to deliver E.C. services, ensuring that Individual Education Plans are properly followed.