AP Student of the Week

  • Week of Nov. 11 - Andrea Benz, Lucinda Rosen and Hayden Patterson

    From Ms. Couch (AP English Literature): I nominate Andrea Benz for AP Student of the Week. Andrea not only impresses as a thinker and writer—asking thoughtful questions and drawing well-supported conclusions—but also as a responsible and organized young scholar. She consistently follows up with me, whether her questions are to further her understanding of a topic or text or to ensure that her grades have been entered correctly. She is as attentive to details in balancing her full schedule as she is in annotating and text, and she stands out as an example of a student that doesn’t only care about the scores attached to her assignments but the depth of understanding and growth she attains from each.

    From Mr. Holthaus: (AP United States History): Lucinda Rosen has been a consistent powerhouse in AP United States History this year.  She has been on the High Score Board for every major assessment, her writing is already college-level, and her class contributions are both thoughtful and well-informed.  It is clear that she consistently completes and thinks about the required reading in a way that outpaces her peers.  Her projects are of high quality and she is universally liked by her classmates.  I look forward to seeing her continue to meet and exceed expectations for the rest of the year!

    From Mr. Holthaus (AP Psychology): Hayden Patterson has recently hit her stride in AP Psychology.  She has earned a high score on the past three major assessments, demonstrating consistent improvement that is completely due to her own hard work and dedication to the course.  She consistently scores well on reading checks and her projects have been of impressively high quality.  Though a quiet student, I can tell that Hayden thrives in her group, a space where she often helps her classmates to understand the material better.  She is a joy to have in class and I look forward to working with her for the rest of the year!


    Week of Oct. 28 - Thomas Hill and Sarah Hanchey

    From Mr. Blackburn (AP Music Theory): “I would like to nominate Thomas Hill for AP Student of the Week.  Thomas has excelled in AP Music Theory so far this year!  His hard work and determination is evident in his work, and he responds very well to unexpected challenges.  I look forward to watching Thomas’s skills in music continue to grow!”

    From Mr. Brosnan (AP Human Geography): “Sarah Hanchey is my student of the week. Sarah is a super dedicated student who is always ready for class. She is genuinely interested in the content material and participates in our class discussions regularly and enthusiastically. She is highly engaged! Her first quarter assessments have consistently been the best in the class. Sarah is the ideal AP Human Geography student and rightfully should be recognized here. Also, shout out to all the 9th grade students who are challenging themselves at the AP level! It’s not easy…”


    Week of Oct. 21 - Caroline Lloyd and Malin Just

    From Ms. Saveliff (AP Statistics): "My AP student of the week for AP Statistics is Caroline Lloyd. Caroline has completed very high quality work so far this year. She scored a high score on both of the first two major assessments of the year, demonstrating advanced reasoning and dedication to the material. Her work and contributions in class are equally as thorough and thoughtful. I am excited to see Caroline continue to grow as a statistics student throughout the year!"

    From Mr. Upright (AP Calculus AB): "I would like to nominate Malin Just for AP Student of the Week.  Malin participates in the class discussions regularly, and has been able to demonstrate an understanding of the material, even working out problems that I had trouble with during class.  Malin reaches out when she has questions about an assignment, and reached out to me regarding the due date of a problem set while I was absent.  She also takes the time to take advantage of opportunities to solidify her understanding of the content."

    Week of Sept. 23rd - Zoe Bright
    From Mr. McDonald (AP Government): While many of my students are working extremely hard and have shown tremendous growth over the last three weeks, I would like to nominate Zoe Bright as my "AP Student of the Week." Her assignments show a deeper level of understanding, she asks the right questions, and often exceeds my expectations on work. To that end, her summer assignment was one of the best of the year.