AP Student of the Week

  • Week of Mar. 2 - Gabi Overcast-Hawks and Zoe Bright

    From Ms. Sudderth (AP Spanish): "My AP Student of the Week is Gabi Overcast-Hawks. She is a model of diligence and dedication. She is the first to ask clarifying questions or volunteer her opinions and always willing to help her classmates. She looks beyond the classroom for the opportunity to apply her Spanish skills in the real world. Her drive to succeed will serve her well on her AP exams, Spanish and otherwise."

    From Mr. McDonald (AP Government): "Zoe Bright is my recommendation for AP Student of the week. More than most, she takes responsibility for her own learning - she attends review sessions, takes advantage of extra credit opportunities, and seeks assistance outside of class. Additionally, she has demonstrated growth, exceeds expectations, and maintains academic excellence. She has the grit, work ethic, and attitude of a rock star!"


    Week of Feb. 17 - Amir Jenkins

    From Mr. Murray (AP Human Geography): "Amir Jenkins is a fantastic student who is truly interested in the curriculum and is always actively engaged in the class. Each class he brings enthusiasm to AP Human Geography and insightful answers. He goes above and beyond the curriculum by routinely practicing AP questions and FRQs. He has been a pleasure to have in class this year." 


    Week of Feb. 10 - Hannah Copeland and Mary Hill

    From Mr. Bernhard (AP Seminar): “It is my pleasure to nominate Hannah Copeland as the AP Student of the Week. Hannah was the first student in my classes this year to email me with questions about how to succeed as a student in AP Seminar. Her early proactivity foreshadowed the mature and inquisitive approach she has used throughout the year in my class. Hannah is organized, industrious and committed to improving her writing and public speaking skills. She has grown enormously throughout the year, and is poised to achieve great success on her Performance Tasks and the End-of-Course Exam in May. I look forward to helping her reach her goals in AP Seminar, and hope to teach her again in the future!”

    From Mr. Brosnan (AP Human Geography): I would like to nominate Mary Hill as the AP Student of the Week from the Human Geography course. Mary is a very diligent student who is extremely well prepared all the time. She is inquisitive and engaged in the content. She is bright and provides insightful responses in our classroom discussions. I love that she is able to really extend beyond just basic responses to include critical thoughts that reflect a significant amount of global knowledge and interest.  In a large group of highly engaged and motivated students Mary stands out as one of the best. I am happy to have her selected as AP Student of the Week.


    Week of Jan. 24 - Hannah Sauls and Joni Brandenburg

    From Mr. Finger (AP Physics): I would like to nominate Hannah Sauls. Hannah is consistently one of the hardest workers in AP Physics. She strives to make sure she completes all assignments quickly and correctly. She is attentive and asks a lot of great questions. She has a variety of clever study and learning techniques that make her very successful in the course.

    From Ms. Huckbody (AP Environmental Science): My AP Student of the Week…is Joni Brandenburg.  Joni comes to class with a positive attitude and engages with the material and the topics presented to make new connections.  Joni works hard and wants to know that she is on the right track with her writing and problem solving which encourages those around her to work hard as well.  She is not afraid to ask questions to better understand the why behind what we are learning.  Joni’s character, and positivity is the reason she deserves this recognition and I am glad to have the opportunity to teach her this year!


     Week of Jan. 13 - Sarah Lehrich

    From Mr. O’Keefe (AP Government and Politics): The AP Student of the Week for AP US Government and Politics is Sarah Lehrich. Sarah has exhibited rapid and consistent growth throughout the first half of the school year. She regularly posts high scores on formal assessments and she is consistently engaged with class discussion and daily coursework.  Sarah is a critical thinker who takes genuine interest in course content.  Great job Sarah!


    Week of Dec. 16 - Samuel Johnson

    From Mr. Zakrzewski (AP Government): It is my pleasure to Recommend Samuel Johnson for student of the week. Mr. Johnson without a doubt has crushed AP Government and Politics.  Sam has an uncanny ability to accurately, and efficiently peel through large amounts of information.  Armed with a fine toothcomb for conceptual nuances, Sam has really been a glowing example of academic success.  His maturity in class, and approach to the course has been steady and successful.  Sam has used his success in class as a launching point for his emergence as a student leader. Helping others develop, and refine their study skills, restoring faith in a growth mindset.  Sam’s dedication has been valuable in reminding everyone that with a dedicated approach academic success is achievable for everyone in the room. It has been a real joy to watch Samuel grow as a young scholar, and I am sure he will go on to do great things in the future. 


    Week of Dec. 8 - Zachary Raney and Nicholas Brown

    From Mr. Kelly (AP Computer Science): I would like to nominate Zachary Raney as AP student of the week for his ongoing performance in AP Computer Science Principles. Zachary consistently scores at the top of his class.  In addition, Zachery brings a focus and sense of purpose in identifying problems and building solutions. He offers suggestions and help to his classmates (and his teacher) and is a key contributor to classroom discussions. 

    From Mr. Bernhard (AP Seminar): I am nominating Nicholas Brown as the AP Student of the Week for his consistent thoughtfulness and diligence in AP Seminar. Every week, Nick grows more sophisticated in his approach to the challenging tasks in AP Seminar, including academic research and argument-based writing. Nick is a skilled writer and one of the most polished teenage public speakers I've met. On top of his individual skills, Nick is a giving collaborator in class, frequently helping his peers as they complete their own projects. It is a pleasure to be Nick's teacher, and I look forward to seeing how he continues to grow throughout the year and beyond!


     Week of Nov. 25 - Madelyn Morrison and Ryan Vook

    From Mr. Belvin (AP Psychology): "I would like to name Madelyn Morrison as the AP Student of the Week for her performance in AP Psychology.  Maddie earned a 99 for the first quarter, which was easily the highest average in my two AP Psychology sections.  Maddie combines a low-key modesty with a perfectionist bent that serves her well.  Whether it’s reasoning her way through objective multiple-choice questions or writing masterly essays, Maddie has excelled at everything I’ve thrown at her.  Her positive attitude and friendly personality are refreshing."

    From Mr. Murray (AP Human Geography): "Ryan Vook: from the beginning of AP Human Geography it was clear Ryan was prepared for the class and engaged in the material. He consistently asks pointed questions in class, maintains a high A, and looks up additional material outside the required reading. Ryan has been a joy to have in APHUG and helps set the standard expectation for the course."


    Week of Nov. 18 - Caroline Lloyd, Maya Merritt and Anna Borasky

    From Ms. Blackwell (AP English Language): Caroline Lloyd's performance in AP language has been impressive. She goes above and beyond to better herself and her grade by meeting with me after classes  for further clarification and assistance or seeking additional support whenever needed.  She continually communicates with me as a way to advocate for herself and optimize her opportunities. She is a pleasure to teach.

    From Mr. Miller: (AP English Language): My student of the week for AP English Literature and Composition is Maya Merritt. Maya has been consistently improving in her work this year in AP English Literature especially as it relates to her writing. At the beginning of the year, she said that this was the area where she needed to improve the most; she’s been doing that improvement through her approach to writing. She collaborates with her peers, but she also asks for help outside of class and during individual workshops in class. She’s a perceptive and analytical reader. As we’ve been reading The Stranger she has provided some of the most insightful and impactful statements about the text and its meaning.

    From Mr. Miller (AP Research)My student of the week for AP Research is Anna Borasky. Anna’s project is a thought-provoking approach through a local investigation of an issue that affects women across the world. She has been actively reflecting on the work that she has done, and she continues to ask questions of herself, her teacher, and her peers as she is developing from her question into her method. I’ve also enjoyed watching Anna not just collaborate to improve her own work, but to also improve the work of her peers. I’m really excited to see how her work continues to develop and build. 


    Week of Nov. 11 - Andrea Benz, Lucinda Rosen and Hayden Patterson

    From Ms. Couch (AP English Literature): I nominate Andrea Benz for AP Student of the Week. Andrea not only impresses as a thinker and writer—asking thoughtful questions and drawing well-supported conclusions—but also as a responsible and organized young scholar. She consistently follows up with me, whether her questions are to further her understanding of a topic or text or to ensure that her grades have been entered correctly. She is as attentive to details in balancing her full schedule as she is in annotating and text, and she stands out as an example of a student that doesn’t only care about the scores attached to her assignments but the depth of understanding and growth she attains from each.

    From Mr. Holthaus (AP United States History): Lucinda Rosen has been a consistent powerhouse in AP United States History this year.  She has been on the High Score Board for every major assessment, her writing is already college-level, and her class contributions are both thoughtful and well-informed.  It is clear that she consistently completes and thinks about the required reading in a way that outpaces her peers.  Her projects are of high quality and she is universally liked by her classmates.  I look forward to seeing her continue to meet and exceed expectations for the rest of the year!

    From Mr. Holthaus (AP Psychology): Hayden Patterson has recently hit her stride in AP Psychology.  She has earned a high score on the past three major assessments, demonstrating consistent improvement that is completely due to her own hard work and dedication to the course.  She consistently scores well on reading checks and her projects have been of impressively high quality.  Though a quiet student, I can tell that Hayden thrives in her group, a space where she often helps her classmates to understand the material better.  She is a joy to have in class and I look forward to working with her for the rest of the year!


    Week of Oct. 28 - Thomas Hill and Sarah Hanchey

    From Mr. Blackburn (AP Music Theory): “I would like to nominate Thomas Hill for AP Student of the Week.  Thomas has excelled in AP Music Theory so far this year!  His hard work and determination is evident in his work, and he responds very well to unexpected challenges.  I look forward to watching Thomas’s skills in music continue to grow!”

    From Mr. Brosnan (AP Human Geography): “Sarah Hanchey is my student of the week. Sarah is a super dedicated student who is always ready for class. She is genuinely interested in the content material and participates in our class discussions regularly and enthusiastically. She is highly engaged! Her first quarter assessments have consistently been the best in the class. Sarah is the ideal AP Human Geography student and rightfully should be recognized here. Also, shout out to all the 9th grade students who are challenging themselves at the AP level! It’s not easy…”


    Week of Oct. 21 - Caroline Lloyd and Malin Just

    From Ms. Saveliff (AP Statistics): "My AP student of the week for AP Statistics is Caroline Lloyd. Caroline has completed very high quality work so far this year. She scored a high score on both of the first two major assessments of the year, demonstrating advanced reasoning and dedication to the material. Her work and contributions in class are equally as thorough and thoughtful. I am excited to see Caroline continue to grow as a statistics student throughout the year!"

    From Mr. Upright (AP Calculus AB): "I would like to nominate Malin Just for AP Student of the Week.  Malin participates in the class discussions regularly, and has been able to demonstrate an understanding of the material, even working out problems that I had trouble with during class.  Malin reaches out when she has questions about an assignment, and reached out to me regarding the due date of a problem set while I was absent.  She also takes the time to take advantage of opportunities to solidify her understanding of the content."

    Week of Sept. 23rd - Zoe Bright
    From Mr. McDonald (AP Government): While many of my students are working extremely hard and have shown tremendous growth over the last three weeks, I would like to nominate Zoe Bright as my "AP Student of the Week." Her assignments show a deeper level of understanding, she asks the right questions, and often exceeds my expectations on work. To that end, her summer assignment was one of the best of the year.