Freshman Seminar

  • Freshman Seminar is designed to transition middle school students into high school and to allow them exposure to and practice with a variety of skills that allow them to flourish in high school and university courses. The curriculum focuses on:

    • Organization and time management
    • Note taking and study skills
    • Research and MLA formatting
    • Public speaking
    • Inquiry
    • Working in collaborative environments

    Students are required to maintain a daily planner and a Freshman Binder throughout the freshman year. They are also required to use the Cornell note taking system. Freshman Seminar is offered first semester of the freshman year.


    Costa's Levels of Questioning

    • Level One: Define, Describe, Identify, List, Name, Observe, Recite, Scan
    • Level Two: Analyze, Compare, Contrast, Group, Infer, Sequence, Synthesize
    • Level Three: Apply, Evaluate, Hypothesize, Imagine, Judge, Predict, Speculate