• Biology

    The biology curriculum is designed to continue student investigations and deepen student understanding of the following concepts:  the cell, the molecular basis of heredity, biological evolution, the interdependence of organisms, matter, energy and organization in living systems, and the adaptive responses of organisms. This course has a NC End of Course test.

    This course is taught at the Honors level and is taken the first semester of freshman year.


    Earth and Environmental Science

    The Earth/Environmental science curriculum focuses on the function of Earth's systems. Emphasis is placed on matter, energy, plate tectonics, origin and evolution of the earth and solar system, environmental awareness, materials availability, and the cycles that circulate energy and material through the earth system.

    This course is offered the second semester of freshman year.



    Chemistry continues the investigation of the structure of matter along with chemical reactions and the conservation of energy.  Inquiry is applied to the study of the transformation, composition, structure, and properties of substances.  The course focuses on basic chemical concepts and incorporates activities that promote investigations to reinforce the concepts.

    This course is taught at the Honors level and is offered second semester of the junior year.