• Durham Public School students have the chance to receive credit for some courses without completing classroom instruction through Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM). This also includes CTE courses! Students can show they have mastered the standards prior to enrolling in a class will receive credit for the knowledge and can move on to the next level.

    This opportunity isn’t for students who think they are “pretty good” at some subjects. Instead, it is for students who can show they have a deep understanding of the content without classroom experience. Students who accomplish that will receive a pass/fail grade and credit.

    Students demonstrate mastery through a two part assessment process:

    • Phase I: A standard exam, which shall be the EOC where applicable or a final exam developed locally
    • Phase II: An artifact or on demand performance task that requires the student to apply knowledge and skills relevant to content standards.

    Students must demonstrate mastery, not just proficiency. A score of 90% or higher must be achieved in order to move to Phase II.

    See your school counselor or Ms. Miller in Student Services if you have additional questions.