Student Parking

  • Northern High School
    Student Parking Regulations, 2020-2021 School Year

    NHS Student Application Form

    Permits may be purchased starting Thursday, April 8th.

     What To Bring When Purchasing Permit

    -Completed “NHS Student Parking Application”, found on school website (NHS Home Page<Students<Student Parking<link for application).  Ensure the student and parent have signed and dated, indicating both have reviewed the parking rules and regulations.

    -Photocopy of valid NC Driver’s License

    -Payment of $75, exact cash or checks made to Northern High School accepted

    -If necessary, additional payment for outstanding student debts as permits can only be purchased once paid


    Parking Regulations

    Parking Fees

    The current parking permit fee is $75 and is set by Durham Public Schools.  If an increase is made in parking fees over the course of the validity of a parking permit, the school will inform the student and they may be asked to pay an additional amount.  Parking fees are not refunded for any of the following reasons:

    a)      Voluntary withdrawal from school

    b)      Long term suspensions from school

    c)       School based disciplinary action related to loss of parking privilege

    d)      Loss of driving privilege due to revocation of operator’s license

    e)      Graduation


    Parking Eligibility and Permit Use

    Parking permits will only be sold to students who possess a valid North Carolina Driver’s license. Students may not sell, transfer, or purchase parking permits/stickers from other students. Students may be disciplined for any illegal use of parking sticker/permits.


    Hang Tag Expectations

    Hang tags must be displayed on the rearview mirror at all times. Failure to display your hang tag may result in the loss of parking privileges. If a student withdraws from school, it is the student’s responsibility to remove the hang tag from the car and return it to the Main Office.  If your hang tag is lost or damaged, you may purchase an additional one from the main office for $20.



    Assigned Spaces

    Vehicles must be parked in assigned spaces in the student lot. Students may not park on the road, driveway, intersections, adjacent neighborhoods, or in any other location. Students who arrive and find their spaces occupied should not park in another assigned space. Instead, students should report this to the Main Office and provide the license number and description of the illegally parked car. The Main Office staff will then provide parking directions. If you illegally park in a spot other than your assigned space, your car may be locked/blocked and you may be fined $25.  Repeated occasions of parking in an incorrect space may result in the vehicle being towed at owner expense.


    Behavior Expectations

    School rules and school board policies apply to behavior in the parking lot inside and outside vehicles. Parking a vehicle on school property is a privilege, not a right, and violation of these rules, policies, and regulations may result in consequences being assigned.  Below are some behavior expectations specific to the student parking lot:

    a.       The safe operation of motor vehicles is required. Speeding and reckless driving are prohibited and will result in the loss of parking privileges.

    b.      Carrying passengers in the bed of a truck is prohibited.

    c.       Loitering in the parking lot is prohibited. Students must leave the parking lot immediately upon arrival at school and immediately upon completion of the school day. Written permission from an administrator must be obtained to be in the student lots during school and lunch hours.

    d.      Students who remain after school for approved student activities should continue to occupy their assigned spaces. Specifically, students should not move from one lot to another or to other campus locations. After 4:15 pm, students may park in spaces other than their assigned space.


    Violation of Behavior Expectations

    If a student utilizing a parking permit violates any school rule, school board policy, state law, or regulation outlined in this document, the following may be assigned as a consequence:

    a.       Revocation of parking privilege

    b.      Towing and storage of the vehicle, at the owner’s expense

    c.        Disciplinary action based on student code of conduct

    d.       Criminal charges as prescribed by law


    Vehicle Searches

    Vehicles are subject to a search if there is a reasonable suspicion to believe that drugs, alcohol, stolen property, or other contraband are present in the vehicle. 


    Vehicle Damage/Theft

    The school is not held liable for any damage to your vehicle while it is on campus, along with any theft of materials within your vehicle.  If damage occurs to your vehicle or belongings stolen during the school day, report the incident to an administrator or school resource office.


    Disabled Vehicles

    Disabled vehicles may not be left on campus overnight. If necessary, towing should be arranged by the student.