Applying to College

  • Senior Meetings:  We host meetings with our seniors early in the fall to discuss planning, applying, and paying for college.

    College Application Week , October 21 through Friday, October 25.

    This is a great chance to get started on or continue with your college applications.  During this week, all colleges and universities in North Carolina will accept application fee waivers, which students qualify for if they have registered for the SAT and ACT using a fee waiver, and some college and universities waive their application fee outright for all seniors, without requiring waivers at all.  At Northern, we will have a signup in Student Services to spend one of your class periods this week working on college applications.


    Undocumented students should see their school counselor to further discuss college and career options.


    In-State Schools

    CFNC's Apply To College section is a terrific resource for applying to any school in North Carolina, from Durham Tech to Duke.  And, whether you apply through CFNC or not, sending a transcript electronically through the Transcript Manager is the way to send transcripts to any school in NC.  You will need your Student ID #, which is on any paperwork from school (Transcript, Schedule, Progress Report, Report Card, etc.), input to "The Basics" section of your CFNC account profile.  You can also get this student ID # from your school counselor or a teacher.


    You can also apply to in-state schools directly through the schools' websites or, in some cases, the CommonApp.  We encourage you to use CFNC to send transcripts, regardless.

    Out-of-State Schools

    To apply to schools outside of the state of North Carolina, we recommend first seeing if that school participates in the CommonApp.  If it does not, then please apply through that school's "Admissions" (or "Prospective/Future Students") section of its website.  If the school is outside of the state of North Carolina, does not participate in the CommonApp, and does not participate in any other electronic document submission service (SENDedu, docufide, etc.), then you will need to submit your transcript via the Durham Public Schools Online Student Request Form, accessible through that link.

    Read the Fine Print

    However you apply to college, be sure to read all applications very thoroughly.  Pay attention to binding Early Decision vs. non-binding Early Action, when considering Early Notification options.  Wondering about early notification options?  Speak with your counselor.  In the fall of 2015, UNC-CH counted down a list of 76 reasons to apply early.


    Keep track of all deadlines.


    Along with the rest of the application, be sure to submit any supplemental materials - be they essays or personal statements, recommendations, school report forms, counselor statements, or something else.  ALWAYS double-check, on the school's website, the checklist or requirements listed in their application procedures or application materials.

    Curious, or searching for tips, about how to submit the best application possible?  Check out UNC-CH's advice from a team of admissions counselors, which answers common questions about anything from your essay, to letters of recommendation, to extracurriculars, to what makes your application stand out, and more!

    College Application Fee Waivers

    ***If you have used a fee waiver when registering for the SAT or ACT, then you could be eligible for college application fee waivers.  More information on testing fee waivers is available in our College and Career Readiness Tests section, and you can see your school counselor to inquire about a college application fee waiver.***

    College Redirection Service

    If it gets to be late in the college application season (later in the spring) and you still have not received good news from the college you were hoping for, CFNC offers a College Redirection Service - a service matching denied or late applicants and others with colleges still admitting students.