Mission & Vision

  • Northern High School Student Support Services Department Mission Statement

    We the Student Support Services Department of Northern High School are UKnighted in holding all students to high expectations and supporting their maximization of their potential by serving the needs of our diverse population and fostering an environment of respect and safety. We will be leaders and advocates for our students, our school, and our profession, and we will help empower all stakeholders to develop and work towards their goals and to overcome any obstacles they face. We will collaborate with all stakeholders - staff, parents, and community members - to prepare all students to pursue success with confidence, integrity, and respect.


    Northern High School Student Support Services Department Vision Statement

    We the Student Support Services Department of Northern High School are dedicated to a school community where all members of this family are safe, respected, and valued. Our students will graduate prepared for success in their future academic, career, personal, and social endeavors.


    Northern High School Mission Statement

    The NHS family is UKnighted in empowering its teachers, parents, and students in providing a learning environment that develops 21st century learners who maximize their potential through rigor, collaboration, and celebration of diversity.


    Northern High School Vision Statement

    We are passionate, dedicated, and UKnighted in helping all students: acquire Knowledge, make No excuses, possess Integrity, Graduate on time, meet High expectations, be a Team player, and achieve Success in all areas (KNIGHTS).


    Durham Public Schools Mission Statement

    In collaboration with our community and parents, the mission of Durham Public Schools is to provide all students with an outstanding education that motivates them to reach their full potential and enables them to discover their interests and talents, pursue their goals and dreams, and succeed in college, in the workforce and as engaged citizens.


    Durham Public Schools Vision Statement

    - The Durham community cherishes its children, and the Durham Public Schools are the daily expression of that care. In Durham Public Schools, we believe that every child can succeed, but we also know that the schools alone cannot educate our children. We need and welcome the support of our entire community. Our children need loving parents who nourish them, who send them to school ready to learn, who read to them and help them with their homework. Our vision for Durham Public Schools starts with the need for the entire community to come together around the needs of every family and every child. Durham Public Schools will do its part—and more—but we cannot do it alone.

    - Involved Parents: In that spirit, Durham Public Schools supports, encourages and welcomes parents at every school. We invite parents to actively participate in their children’s school programs and activities and we want them to know that their presence is necessary and their input is greatly valued. We believe that Durham Public Schools is the best choice for parents who live in our district, and here are the reasons why:

    - Engaged Students: Durham Public Schools produces graduates who embrace ongoing learning as a way of life, who are well prepared for college, and who succeed in their professional pursuits. For those students who need special instruction, we provide it and help them to excel. For those students who are academic high-fliers, we help them reach the stars.

    Because we cherish every single student, each of our schools offers a safe and orderly environment for learning and an environment that nurtures and strengthens the whole child--body and mind. Our students participate in highly engaging learning, develop leadership skills and learn to build good relationships with other students and staff members.

    - Qualified Staff: Our teachers are caring, attentive and qualified. They have the support necessary to deliver superior, individualized classroom instruction. Our administrators lead with increased student achievement at the core of every decision they make. Counselors and nurses, bus drivers and social workers—all staff members work hand-in-hand with teachers and administrators to meet the needs of every child.

    - Inspired Learning: While raising students’ test scores is critical to Durham Public Schools, our vision encompasses so much more. Our schools are places where children are excited to learn, where they can learn solid job skills or prepare for the most competitive colleges in America, where they find waiting for them at the door of every classroom a teacher who cares for them, instructs them at the highest level and inspires them.