Fire Academy & Public Safety


    • Public Safety I| Prerequisite: None

    This course provides basic career information in public safety including corrections, emergency and fire management, security and protection, law enforcement, and legal services. Additionally students will develop a personal plan for a career in public safety. The course includes skills in each area, using resources from the community to help deliver instruction to the students. 


    Fire Fighter Technology I | Prerequisite: Public Safety I (at least 16 years of age)

    This course covers part of the NC Firefighter I/II combination certification modules required for all firefighters in North Carolina. The modules include: 

    Orientation & Safety, Health & Wellness, Fire Behavior, Personal Protective Equipment, Fire Hose/Streams/Appliances, Portable Extinguishers, Foam Fire Streams, & Emergency Medical Care.


    Fire Fighter Technology ll  | Prerequisite: Fire Fighter Technology I

    This course includes: Building Construction, Ropes & Knots, Alarms and Communications, Forcible Entry, Ladders, Ventilation, and Loss Control.


    Fire Fighter Technology III  | Prerequisite: Fire Fighter Technology II

    This course includes: Water Supplies, Sprinklers, Fire & Life Preparedness, Rescue, MayDay calls, Safety & Survival.

    Any approved Career & College Promise and Technical Education Pathway Course may be applied to this cluster.


    Special Notes about this Cluster: Work-based learning strategies are appropriate for earning certifications thru the NC Office of State Fire Marshall in preparation for entry into the fire service. There are integral components of each course and provides many opportunities for practical application of instructional competencies.