Volunteers & Visitors

  • Spend part of your day at NHS! Volunteer Proctors for exams are needed in January 2017. For more information and to sign up, go to (http://tinyurl.com/NHSProctor), contact Sandra.Davis@dpsnc.net or call the school at (919) 560-3956 ext. 56601. Your help is greatly appreciated.


    What is a test proctor?

    Test proctors are individuals who assist in the administration of state testing for high school students. State policies now require proctors to be present to ensure accountability and test security during both North Carolina Final Exams and End-of-Course exams. Proctors must be trained before exams each semester.


    NHS Volunteer Proctor Training

    We will contact you about the time and location of proctor training.


    Thank you for supporting NHS!




    Durham Public School BOE Policy 2025 -SCHOOL VISITORS

    The Board encourages parents/guardians and others interested in public education to visit schools. To ensure that school campuses are safe and orderly, the superintendent or school principals may establish rules governing school visitors, consistent with this policy.

    • 2025.1 All visitors must check in at the school office.
    • 2025.2 Principals may delay visits during student testing or at other times when visits may disrupt school activities.
    • 2025.3 Parents/guardians wishing to discuss individual student progress should request a meeting with the teacher in advance. Such meetings should take place outside of regular classroom hours.
    • 2025.4 Any person who disrupts school operations, is disorderly, damages school property, threatens students or staff, or otherwise poses a risk to safe and orderly school operations may be asked to leave school property. A school principal may prohibit such persons from attending school events or coming on school property. Unless necessary to ensure school safety, such prohibitions may last for no longer than the remainder of the school year. Unless inconsistent with safe and orderly school operations, a principal shall make reasonable allowances so that a person prohibited from coming onto school property may participate in the education of children for whom the person is legally responsible.

    Legal Reference: G.S.14-132, -132.2, -159.11, 159.12, 159.13; 115C-523, -524, -526
    Adopted Effective: September 28, 1994
    Revised: September 27, 1995
    Revised Effective: July 1, 1999