• Overview

    • To add a printer or copier, go to (while on the network) and use the map or the list to find the device you'd like to install. 
    • The printers at Neal Middle School are all department- or location-specific, and access is limited to employees in those departments or locations. Please do not print to these devices unless you are approved to do so. 
    • The Media Center printer (NLMPTR-MEDIA) is the only exception to this rule. Students are also able to print to this device. 
    • If you need assistance adding a printer, please contact Mr. Wylie

    Service Calls, Supplies, and Assistance

    • If you have difficulty with a printer, please contact Mr. Wylie.
    • If you need toner for a printer, please contact Mr. Wylie. There is always spare toner for all printers and copiers in the Technology Office.