Copy Machines

  • Overview

    • There are many copy machines at Neal Middle School, but some are restricted for use by specific locations or departments (EC, front office, guidance office). 
    • If you do not have printing access to your preferred copy machine, please follow the printer installation instructions. 
    • If you do not have a copier code, please contact Mr. Wylie via email.

    Best Practices

    • Please do not print to restricted copiers or printers (Reception, guidance, EC, administrator offices, etc.)
    • Please do not send jobs to the copier when you are not in the copy room. 
    • Please do not leave the copier without clearing jams. 
    • Please clear any of your unwanted or unfinished print jobs before leaving the workroom. 
    • Never use Microsoft Edge to print to copiers in the building (PC users). It will shut down our print spooler, preventing anyone from printing on any device until the problem is resolved by district technicians.


    • If a copier or printer runs out of toner, please contact Mr. Wylie.
    • Before requesting a service call, please try to resolve the issue by following the on-screen instructions to clear any jams from the machine.
    • If a copier has a serious issue, please contact Mr. Wylie via email or phone (x55755).