General Troubleshooting

  • First Troubleshooting Steps:

    1. Is it plugged in? There is a power cable that comes out of the bottom of the input panel near your board. 
    2. Is your computer hooked up correctly?
    3. Is your computer's display set to extend or duplicate?
    4. Is your projector set to the correct input (Computer 1 for VGA and Video for HDMI)?
    5. If your computer is also connected to your document camera, is your document camera set to computer mode?


    • At its most basic level, your BrightLink functions as a projector. That is a small fraction of its capabilities, however.
    • Project documents using your document camera and then annotate them using the Easy Interactive function on your projector.
    • Use the interactive and multi-pen features of your BrightLink and available software to increase student engagement and make lessons more interactive.
    • If you want to avoid clutter, consider using EasyMP Network Projection to project wirelessly.
    • If there's something you'd like to do but aren't sure how, please contact Mr. Wylie.

    Program Installations: