General Troubleshooting

  • First Troubleshooting Steps:

    1. Is it plugged in (desktops) or is there life in the battery (laptops)?
    2. Restart the computer. 
    3. Shut down the computer while on the district network and allow all updates to install (If you have a PC, make this a habit and try to do this once a week.). 

    Golden Rule:

    • There is no expectation for privacy when using any school-owned device. Do not visit any sites or engage in any activities that you would not want broadcast on the evening news.

    Program Installations:

    • If you need a program and it is not installed on your computer (but is relevant to your teaching, organization, or productivity), please contact Mr. Wylie.


    • When you are issued a computer, it comes with a power brick and a dongle (VGA to Thunderbolt II or VGA to HDMI, depending on your device). If you need to borrow a power brick or a dongle for a day, contact Mr. Wylie to check one out. If your power brick or dongle malfunctions, please contact Mr. Wylie and be sure to save the malfunctioning device to turn in. If you lose or misplace your power brick or dongle, replacing it is your responsibility; we do not have extras.