Advanced & Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Programs

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    Do you have an advanced learner?
    Durham Public Schools recognizes that students learn in many different ways, and at a variety of levels. Advanced and intellectually gifted (AIG) students will find rigorous programs that challenge and develop their unique gifts and learning styles. The AIG programs in Durham Public Schools begin with assessments as early as second grade, and continue throughout elementary and middle school. Once a student enters high school, a wealth of advanced placement courses, and other special programs, are available. 

    So how does a student qualify for AIG services?

    Parents can nominate their children for AIG services by completing a form, available from each school's AIG facilitator. Students are tested in 2nd and 6th grades, and after the nomination form is complete, those results are reviewed. The school's AIG facilitator and an AIG committee will then determine if the student is eligible for AIG or if he or she should be assessed further.

    The Department of Advanced Academics strives to design, guide and promote rigorous programs that challenge the advanced and gifted learners of Durham Public Schools. The Department will ensure that all DPS students have access to programs and courses that enhance and broaden opportunities for further education and career success. 

    Kimberly Lane Marion
    Director of Advanced Academics & Magnet Programs
    (919) 560-2029  x21029

    Laura Parrott
    Coordinator of Advanced Academics
    (919) 560-2000 x21303