Document Camera

  • Overview

    • Document cameras are a versatile teaching tool that allows teachers to project text and images and then annotate using the BrightLink's interactive functions. 
    • Document cameras are also a great way to share student work and offer feedback.
    • Two different document cameras are in use at Neal Middle:
      • ELMO TT-12
        • HDMI and VGA connections
        • Remote control
        • Link to the product page (Note: This is the updated version, which has some features that our cameras do not have.)
      • AVerVision F17-8M and F50

    Document Camera Setup

    • To make it quick and easy to switch between your document camera and your BrightLink, run your computer through your document camera, and then use the source selector on the document camera to switch seamlessly between sources.
    • The newest BrightLinks in the building allow side-by-side projection of different sources. If you have a 685Wi and would like to have this set up, please contact Mr. Wylie.


    • If you experience any difficulties with your document camera, please check all connections (power and AV). If that does not resolve the issue, please contact Mr. Wylie.
    • If you have a document camera in your room but do not use or want one, please contact Mr. Wylie.