• Thank you so much for your willingness to help proctor AP Exams this year for Jordan High School. AP Exams start May 7th and end May 18th. All exams will be held at Hope Valley Baptist Church except Art History, Physics 2: Algebra Based, and Computer Science Principles.

    Proctor Expectations:

    - Attend 1 hour training with Ms. Oertel before the AP Exam.

    - Arrive before students and stay until all students have left and exam material secured.

    Proctor Eligibility Criteria:

    - Current, former, or retired teachers may serve as proctors for exams in a subject area other than the one they teach or have ever taught. Ex: An English teacher may not proctor AP English Language, but he/she can proctor AP Biology

    - An individual may not proctor an AP Exam in the year in which an immediate family or household member may be taking that exam. Ex: The parent of a 10th grade AP Gov student may not proctor AP Gov, but he/she can proctor AP Psychology

    - Proctors may not be employed part or full time at a test preparation company or participate in test coaching activities Ex: A person with access to secure College Board material may not proctor any AP exam.

    If you have questions or conflicts, please contact Ms. Sarah Oertel at sarah.oertel@dpsnc.net.

    Sign up to proctor here.