• Art (Ms. Butler)

    “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”~ Pablo Picasso. The visual arts program at Club focuses on  fostering a love for a variety of art and the creative process. We want our students to become aware of the elements of art around us. We will learn how art has affected civilizations throughout time and how understanding art in the past inspires the great creative thinkers of our future. We will strive for our own creativity through activities that challenge our imagination.


    Dance (Ms. Banuelos)

    Children at Club Boulevard experience creativity through Dance classes that are closely aligned with the Common Core Standards. Dance is taught through traditional dance practices, and each dance class includes a thorough warm up, center floor technique (increasing movement vocabulary, elements of choreography), and combinations/pattern practice across the floor. Students create dances that solve movement problems by utilizing creativity, cooperation, and technical knowledge.  Walk by the dance studio and you may see Grades K-2 exploring dance from other countries and cultures, or see 5th graders choreographing and videotaping their own dances. Our 3rd and 4th graders love to perform and you may even catch them on stage during one of our monthly showcases.  All students have an opportunity to perform at school and community events.


    Music (Ms. Siegel)

    Students experience music through singing, playing instruments, moving and listening. Starting in Kindergarten, building a strong foundation of steady beat, each year builds on the last. All students learn about melody with the use of solfege (do, re, mi, etc.) using voices and pitched instruments (xylophones, metallophones and glockenspiels). Students begin reading rhythm building blocks, starting in 1st Grade, with the introduction of labeled note values (quarter note, eighth note, etc.), building in complexity through 5th Grade. These two concepts of melody and rhythm are interlaced with experiences in musical expression, form, tone color and more. We play a lot of games that build musical skills without students even realizing! Through music learning, students also make meaningful connections with core subjects and various topics, which support our Humanities Theme. (The Arts, Cultural/Global Studies, Science, Poetry). In 4th Grade, students begin learning to play the recorder and even take a field trip to see our very own North Carolina Symphony play in Raleigh. Third through 5th Graders also have the opportunity to sing in our afterschool chorus, "The Musical Manatees", which performs at Club and other community events.


    Physical Education (Ms. Jayne)

    The goal of PE at Club is to guide students in the process of becoming physically active for a lifetime.  Students will participate in developmentally appropriate activities to acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence to be successful!

    K-2 students will focus on locomotor, non-locomotor and manipulative skills along with a beginning understanding of health and fitness related skills.  3-5 students will focus on a deeper understanding and improvement in health and fitness related skills along with increased abilities in motor skills, movement concepts and personal and social responsibility.

    Students will have fun becoming physically literate learners by participating in cooperative games, individual games, team games, tag games, stations and much, much more throughout the school year. 

    Cultural Studies (Ms. Luetzow)

    At Club Boulevard Humanities Magnet School, we celebrate and embrace many voices and experiences both in Durham and throughout the world.  The Cultural Studies program at Club allows students an in depth look at countries and cultures around the world while always connecting concepts back to students’ own lives.  Through art activities, music, games, and geography skills, students develop a deeper appreciation of what makes us unique and what we all have in common.