School Improvement Team

  • Club Blvd. Humanities Magnet School is combining the work of the Community Schools Team with the School Improvement Team, and the Leadership Team to create the Community School Improvement Leadership (CSIL) Team.  This team is charged with making and reviewing decisions at the school level for compliance with the missions, goals, and plan for the school. Any parent or teacher is welcome to attend the meetings and to present issues for consideration by the CSIL.

    The CSIL team meets the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. on Zoom. 

    The overall goal of the CSIL team is to design and implement strategies for continuing improvements in student achievement. This plan sets goals for the year and also explains the strategies in place for achieving these goals. The goals address the following areas:

    • school climate and culture
    • increasing academic achievement
    • closing the achievement gaps
    • refreshing our magnet identity

     A blueprint for this effort is detailed each year in the School Improvement Plan, a document that is prepared, reviewed and adopted by the CSIL team, and submitted to Durham Public Schools for approval. Each year, following its approval, the School Improvement Plan will be posted on our web site.

    The parent members of the CSIL team represent parents' concerns and often bring forward issues that have surfaced in their contacts with other parents and members of the school community. Being in close touch with Club's families allows the team to address potential problems in their early stages.

    The CSIL team is comprised of the principal, assistant principal, certified teachers, at least one classified representative, several resource staff members, and a number of parents that represent our entire community.  If you are interested in serving as a parent representative on the CSIL team, please contact the principal now.