• Fabrication Apprenticeship

  • Apprenticeships provide paid, on-the-job training combined with coursework to build expertise in a trade or profession. Each company's apprenticeship program is different, but programs typically last between 2-5 years and apprentices often earn an Associate's Degree and Journeyman's Certificate. Some major benefits of apprenticeships are that apprentices become qualified for gainful careers and often hired as permanent employees...WITH NO COLLEGE DEBT!

    CTE partners with the companies and associations below to connect DPS students to their apprenticeship programs. Other companies not listed here may also offer apprenticeships; job websites such as are one resource for finding out about additional opportunities. 


    Bryant-Durham Electric


    Durham General Contractors Association

    Construction/Skilled Trades  To be announced

    Duke University Health System

    Medical Coding/Health Information Management  To be announced


    Automation Technician/Maintenance Electrician/Maintenance Mechanic/Chemical Compound Operator/Clinical Operator/Calibration & Instrumentation Technician/Process Coordinator

    Raleigh-Durham JATC