AIG at Neal

  • The AIG program at Neal Middle School serves students in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades as outlined by the AIG Plan established for Durham Public Schools. At the middle school level,  students are placed in classes that push them in their areas of identification. Our AIG students benefit from the opportunity to take both Advanced Math and Advanced ELA classes. In addition, Neal Middle School offers an AIG Elective that seeks to educate and enrich the gifted student's experience by spending time on self-awareness and metacognitive skill development, leadership skills, and positive, purposeful involvement in both their schools and communities. 

    We are also offering continual AIG professional development at each faculty meeting that is created and lead by our AIG students. The students are creating video professional development all year long under the series title "We are AIG." The series focuses on educating teachers and staff on the needs and characteristics of gifted students at Neal.

    Understanding what Giftedness Really Means 

    Understanding the Importance of Independent Study