Completion of the Course

  • Driver Education at Durham Public Schools

    Driver Education Certificate

    This certificate states that you have completed 30 hours of classroom and 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training.  You will use this certificate to obtain a Driver Eligibility Certificate from your school and Level 1 Learner’s permit from the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles.

    How long is the Driver Education Certificate valid?
    This certificate is valid as long as you need it.  Do not lose or misplace this form- you will need it for future use.

    Driver Eligibility Certificate
    As of August 1, 1998, persons, less than 18 years of age, applying for a permit or license must have this certificate.  This certificate states that the student is passing at least five of six courses in a regular schedule, or three of four courses in a block schedule and is currently enrolled in school.

    The certificate is valid for 30 days and must be renewed if you do not obtain a learner’s permit within that time.

    Where do I get my Driver Eligibility Certificate?
    Each high school has a person assigned to issue this certificate. 

    Now you’re ready to start driving
    Going to the DMV to get your learner’s permit: You must take the following to the DMV:

    • the driver education certificate
    • the driver eligibility certificate (valid for 30 days)
    • a certified copy of a birth certificate
    • social security card
    • proof of residence
    • $15.00 and a parent or guardian

     Once at the DMV

    • You will take a written test – 25 questions
    • You will get your eyes checked