Course Requirements & Eligibility

  • Driver Education at Durham Public Schools

    Course Requirements & Eligibility

    CLASSROOM PHASE:  30 hours of instruction

    • During the regular school year classes are offered before and after school. Depending on which high school you attend, the classes are usually from 6:30am to 8:30am or from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Students must pass 30 hours of classroom instruction and the eye test before being eligible for the driving phase. Students who fail the eye test will be given a form and must have their eyes checked by a vision specialist. Once that form is completed, the student will return the form to the coordinator at the school they attend.
    • Students are not allowed any absences during this course or they will be removed from the class.

    DRIVING PHASE- 6 hours of instruction

    • After students have completed the classroom portion and the eye exam, they will be called in birth order to drive. Each driving instructor determines his/her own driving schedule and will contact the student to establish a driving time.
    • When called by the instructor, write down the following:
      1. Name of instructor.
      2. Place to be picked up and dropped off.
      3. Days and times of the behind-the-wheel training.
    • Students must provide their own transportation to and from all driving sessions.


    • Once a student has completed all portions of Driver Education and received their “Driver Ed certificate”, and are at least 15 years old, they are ready to go to the DMV. At this time, students should go to Student Services at their school and request a “Certificate of Eligibility”. This form is only good for 30 days, so students should wait until they either have an appointment at the DMV or have a day selected that they are going in person to the DMV. Students must give at least 48 hours notice to get the eligibility certificate. In order to receive the "Certificate of Eligibility" the student must have passed three out of four classes from the previous semester.


    You must take the following with you to the DMV:

    • The Driver Education certificate.
    • The Driver Eligibility Certificate (valid for 30 days).
    • A certified copy of your birth certificate.
    • Social Security Card.
    • Proof of residency.
    • $21.50 and a parent or guardian.


    • Written test – Students must make an 80 or higher to pass. (cannot miss more than five)
    • Sign test.
    • Vision test