Student Services

  • For MCHS Students Wishing to Substitute High School Courses with College Courses

    Students who desire to substitute a DTCC course for a high school course must submit a credit substitution form.

    After meeting with The MCHS College Liaison or your DTCC Advisor, and after fully registering for your college courses, the student must then submit this form to the MCHS School Counselor, along with a copy of the student's college schedule. Until that time, all students will be enrolled in the high school courses necessary to graduate.

    Submission of this form and a copy of the college schedule (i.e. proof of registration in the appropriate course) will then prompt the School Counselor to drop the equivalent high school course from your schedule. See the School Counselor or the College Liaison (contact info. is below),  if you have any questions.


    MCHS School Counselor Services

    Sarah Machak
    Newton Bldg. 4-121
    tel. 919-536-7203, x1207

    William Evans, College Liaison
    Newton Bldg. 4-106
    tel. 919-536-7203, x1202