• Hillandale Hurricanes

    Results focused.  Data-informed.  Student-driven.


    Our mission is to empower learners to excel in the academic and social skills required to be leaders in our community.

    Hillandale's 2023-2024 School Improvement Team members are:

    • Emmet Alexander, Principal
    • Michael Bloom, AP
    • Emily Simler, 5th Grade Rep and Chair
    • Julie Scott, Process Manager and Instructional Coach
    • Dena Byers Music Specialist, Specialist Rep
    • Jill Lowe, Counselor, Student Support Services Rep
    • Shana Meadows, Pre-K and PreK Rep
    • Ebony Rowe, Kindergarten Teacher/ Rep
    • Julia Emory, 1st Grade Teacher/ Rep
    • Katie Turner, 2nd Grade Teacher/ Rep
    • Amy Drew, 3rd Grade Teacher/ Rep
    • Luna Scheffer, 4th Grade Teacher/ RepElizabeth Lake, ESL Teacher/ Rep
    • De'Costo Lawson, Family Liaison
    • Kelvin Belle, Restorative Practices Coordinator
    • Mary Holt, Kinder IA and Instructional Assistant Rep
    • Abigail Sylvester, Parent Rep
    • Shantoya Lee, Parent Rep
    • Laura Ratkovic, Parent Rep


    School Improvement Goals:

      SIP Goal #1 - By June 2024, Hillandale will see a decrease in Educator’s Handbook incident reports by 10% (307 Office Referrals).

      SIP Goal #2 - Throughout the 2023-2024 school year, PLC’s will continue to meet weekly at least 80% of the year to use data for planning future instruction, differentiation needs, and common assessments based on established team structure and duties within PLC, as tracked by the PLC feedback survey. 


      SIP Goal #3 - By June 2024, 100% of teachers will engage in using data informed, student driven instruction with supportive professional development opportunities to advance student achievement, as measured by Hillandale’s composite proficiency score reaching 60% according to EOG results (grades 3-5) and mClass results (K-2).


      SIP Goal #4 - By June 2024, Hillandale Elementary will engage with 75% of parents/guardians to engage in a school event related to their child/ren as measured by family or parent attendance.

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