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Student Dress Code

From Policy 4301 – Student Code of Conduct

4301.11 Rule 11: Student Dress Code: The primary goal of the Durham Public Schools is to provide a safe learning environment where all students are able to achieve at their highest potential. The personal appearance of every student is an important component of establishing a safe environment for optimal learning and respect for one another. Students are expected to adhere to standards of dress and appearance that are compatible with an effective learning environment. In support of these goals and expectations the Board establishes the following dress code for students:

  • i. Students are prohibited from wearing clothing, jewelry, book bags, or other articles of personal appearance which:

a. depict profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, or violence;
b. promote use or abuse of tobacco, drugs, or alcohol;
c. may create a threat to the health or safety of the student or others;
d. are associated with intimidation, violence or violent groups and about which students have been notified, or
e. may create a significant risk of disruption to the educational process or to the operation of the school.

  • ii. The following specific items are also not permitted:

a. clothing worn in such a manner so as to reveal underwear, cleavage, or bare skin between the upper chest and mid-thigh;
b. bare feet, bedroom slippers;
c. spaghetti straps, strapless tops, halter tops;
d. see-through, mesh garments;
e. trousers, slacks, shorts worn below waist level;
f. clothing that is excessively baggy or tight;
g. skirts and shorts shorter than mid-thigh;
h. sunglasses worn inside school building;
i. hats, caps, hoods, sweat bands and bandannas or other head wear worn inside school building; and
j. any other article of appearance that is physically revealing or provocative.

  • iii. If a student's dress or appearance violates this dress code, the principal or principal's designee may require the student to change his or her dress or appearance. A second or repeated violation of this policy will result in disciplinary action. The principal may make reasonable accommodations to the policy based upon a student's religious beliefs or medical conditions.
  • iv. This policy shall apply to all students in all school buildings during the regular school day, on field trips, and when students represent the school. This policy shall also apply to all students at all times on all Board of Education property; including in school buildings and on school grounds; on all school buses and other school vehicles. This policy does not apply to school sanctioned uniforms and costumes approved by the principal for athletic, choral or dramatic performances.