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Little River Elementary School


Principal: Cory Hogans
Address : 2315 Snow Hill Road Durham NC 27712
Phone : 919-560-3940
Hours of Operation : 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
Enrollment : 501
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The mission of Little River Elementary School is to provide an environment that values and educates the total child. Little River School believes strongly in school-based decision making, of which parents, teachers, support staff, and administrators are a part. Our School Improvement Leadership Team has invested extensive hours reviewing programmatic initiatives, evaluating student achievement data, investigating program effectiveness, and determining areas impacting student achievement that still need improvement.


At Little River, success is our first rule. Beaver Nation has a proud reputation for dedicated teachers and effective instruction. A team spirit is evident throughout the school as teachers collaborate within, as well as across, grade levels to provide an educational program that challenges all students. The needs of children are met in a differentiated, articulated approach, beginning in Kindergarten through Grade 5. The instructional staff is comprised of dedicated, dynamic educators who collaborate and utilize best practices for student success, with a major emphasis on core academic skills. Curriculum decisions are based on data from various assessments, and school and District standards are aligned with North Carolina’s state standards in reading, language, and math, providing opportunities for students to master basic skills, problem solve, make decisions, and practice higher level thinking skills. A computer lab is available for teachers and students to use to engage and promote the skills in the use of computer technology.


Students enjoy a nurturing atmosphere at Little River. Little River promotes a positive school and learning environment through our Beaver Nation character education program. Each month, a different character trait is emphasized in the school either through literature, class discussion or action. The school community challenges the students, parents, faculty, and staff to think and perform at high levels of achievement and exhibit positive character values. Beyond their regular classrooms, they can discover their hidden talents and dreams through a wide array of school activities, such as Art and Music for grades K-5, Chorus for grades 4-5, Enrichment clubs for grades 4-5, Grade level stage productions grades 1-3, and our annual Science Day, to name a few.


Clearly, the strong programs, high expectations, and mutual efforts of parents, staff and students to ensure that all students perform at or above grade level is having a success.


Services for Academically/Intellectually Gifted Students

Little River School is dedicated to serving students through an instructional program that targets multiple intelligence including linguistic, logical-mathematical, visual spatial bodily-kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal and naturalist. To this end, students in grades K through 3 are provided an enrichment curriculum to challenge higher-order thinking and problem-solving strategies. Fourth- and fifth-grade students may receive advanced instruction in language arts and math.

Community Involvement

The following businesses, programs, and community groups provide assistance by donating their time, expertise, materials, and financial resources:

  • Durham Technical Community College
  • Summitt Church
  • Duke University


State ABC Rating :

  • 2011-12: High Growth, School of Distinction (83.1%)
  • 2010-11: High Growth, School of Progress (77.9%)
  • 2009-10: Expected Growth, School of Progress (77.7%)
  • 2008-09: Expected Growth, School of Distinction (81.4%)

End-of-Grade Test Scores

School Scorecard

Link to NC Report Card


From I-40:

Exit on to 147. Exit from 147 on to Duke Street North. Duke Street will merge with Roxboro Road North – they will become 501. Go North on Roxboro Road/501 towards Roxboro. Turn Right on Infinity Road. Turn Left onto Snow Hill Road. Little River will be on the right – Approximately 10 miles.

From I-85:

Take the Duke Street North Exit. Duke Street will merge with Roxboro Road North – they will become 501. Go North on Roxboro Road/501 towards Roxboro. Turn Right on Infinity Road. Turn Left onto Snow Hill Road. Little River will be on the right – Approximately 8 miles.

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Improvement Plan

Improvement Plan