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Hope Valley Elementary School


Principal: Micah Copeland
Address : 3005 Dixon Road Durham NC 27707
Phone : 919.560.3980
Hours of Operation : 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Enrollment : 670
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Hope Valley Elementary School is a community of learners organized around students and the work that they do. Teachers are leaders and inventors of high-content, quality work that is challenging, interesting, and satisfying. Students engage in, and persist with, this work and learn what teachers, parents, and the community value and expect. The principal is a leader of leaders. Success is celebrated on an ongoing basis.


We believe that the quality of the work we give students is the key to effective instruction. The work should be challenging, interesting, and satisfying. Our teachers plan lessons around 10 design elements:

  • Content and substance
  • Organization of knowledge
  • Product focus
  • Clear and compelling product standards
  • Protection from adverse consequences for initial failures
  • Affirmation of performance
  • Affiliation
  • Novelty and variety
  • Choice
  • Authenticity

When students are engaged and persist, even when the work is difficult, they will learn what teachers, parents, and the community value and expects.

Services for Academically/Intellectually Gifted Students

The Academically and/or Intellectually Gifted Program is available to K-5 students who qualify for services. Students in kindergarten and first grade are generally served in the classroom. There is a screening process at the beginning of the year for all students in second and third grades to find students who may qualify for AIG services. Another way to be considered for services is to be nominated by a parent or teacher using the packet available from the AIG Lead Teacher. To qualify for AIG services, a student must take an aptitude test and an achievement test, and an adult must complete a checklist of characteristics of giftedness. This data is compiled and a determination is made if a student qualifies for services. Once a student qualifies for AIG services, he/she maintains that label throughout his/her school career. In primary grades, students who qualify for services will be in cluster groups or enrichment classes. In intermediate grades, students will receive services through subject areas -- language arts and math.

Community Involvement

Our school community plays a very important roll in the life of our school. Our classroom teachers use resources from the Museum of Life and Science and the Creative Arts in the Public Schools Program with the Durham Arts Council to enhance their instructional program. Students from Durham Academy come over to tutor our students. Our PTA is actively involved in our school and supports an Eagles-In-Action Program for our students and parents to serve the community.


State ABC Rating :

  • 2010-11: Expected Growth, School of Progress (65.0%)
  • 2009-10: Expected Growth, High Growth, School of Progress (64.1%)
  • 2008-09: Growth Met, Progress-EXP (65.5%)

End-of-Grade Test Scores

School Scorecard

NC School Report Card


From I-40:

Take exit 270 and turn left onto 15-501S. Turn right under the bridge onto Westgate Drive and then take a left onto University Drive. Turn right onto Dixon Road. The school is on the left.

From I-85:

Take 15-501S exit. Follow Martin Luther King Boulevard to University Drive. Turn left on University Drive. Turn right onto Dixon Road. The school is on the left.

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Improvement Plan

Improvement Plan