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George Watts Montessori Magnet School


Principal: Patti Crum
Address: 700 Watts Street Durham NC 27701
Phone: 919-560-3947
Hours of Operation: 9:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Enrollment : 340
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The Montessori model assumes that all children want to learn, and it respects the individual's style and pace of learning. Montessori classroom communities operate on the principle of freedom within limits, translating into respect for self, others, and the environment. It features:

  • independent and self-directed learning
  • prepared environment
  • multi-age groupings

George Watts Elementary School adheres to three inter-related principles and a commitment to providing powerful learning opportunities to all students:

  • Unity of purpose - all members of the school community share a dream for the school and work together toward common goals that benefit all students;
  • School-site empowerment coupled with responsibilities-- every member of the school community is empowered to share in decision-making, in the responsibility for implementing decisions, and in being held accountable for the outcomes of decisions; and
  • Building on the strengths of students, teachers, administrators, other staff, and parents.


The school community works together to transform every classroom into a powerful learning environment where students and teachers link creativity, explore their interests, and have the capacity and the encouragement needed to achieve at high levels. Curriculum and instruction is our primary focus to improve academic achievement. A school-wide literacy block and writing across the curriculum program are being implemented, including systematic phonics. K-2 assessments are utilized quarterly, and literacy teachers are using the inclusion model in grades 1 & 2. Parents are encouraged to work collaboratively with teachers to enhance reading and test-taking skills.

Our Help One Student To Succeed (HOSTS) math program is fully implemented, and an extended day program will provide additional math/reading instructions to improve academic

I will do my best each day
Using my strengths in a positive way
I'll build on the strengths of others, too
And if I make a mistake, like I sometimes do
I'll still have tomorrow to look forward to.


The most important goals for each child are to develop confidence for learning, maintain the desire to learn, and obtain the knowledge and skills to support growth. We are committed to providing a positive, productive learning environment that includes opportunities for student achievement and success and prepares students to be responsible, productive citizens who have a sense of personal fulfillment and a feeling of love and respect for others.

Services for Academically/Intellectually Gifted Students

Students receive Academically/Intellectually Gifted services in the following areas: resource for grades K-3 ; inclusive classroom instruction; all language arts and math instructions for grades 4 and 5; and conduct testing of Academically/Intellectually Gifted students.

Community Involvement

The following businesses, programs, and community groups provide assistance by donating their time, expertise, materials, and financial resources:

  • North Carolina Central University
  • Kroger
  • Durham County Health Department
  • Community Guidance Clinic
  • Retired & Senior Volunteer Program
  • First Presbyterian Church
  • Kiwanis Club of Durham
  • Durham County Mental Health
  • Friends of Watts Alumni Association
  • Duke University
  • Duke Medical Center
  • Durham Regional Hospital Corporation
  • Durham County Social Services
  • Duke Community Services
  • Duke Community Affairs


State ABC Rating :

  • 2010-11: High Growth. School of Progress (60.8%)
  • 2009-10: High Growth. School of Progress (61.9%)
  • 2008-09: Expected Growth . Priority School (53.4%)

End-of-Grade Test Scores

School Scorecard

Link to NC Report Card


From I-40:

Exit I-40 at the 147-Durham Freeway North exit. Exit Durham Freeway at the North Duke Street exit. Turn Left onto Trinity Avenue. Turn Right on Watts St. and go 3 blocks. George Watts will be on the right.

From I-85:

Exit I-85 at the Gregson Street/Northgate Mall exit. Go south on Gregson Street. Turn right on Club Blvd. Take a left onto Watts Street. Go approximately eight blocks and George Watts will be on the left.

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Improvement Plan

Improvement Plan