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Weather Alert/Closing

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Weather Delays and Cancellations

Making the decision to delay school, dismiss early or cancel school for the day is a difficult one that involves a great deal of behind-the-scenes work. DPS consults with weather and emergency management experts and other school districts, and has employees ride the roads to determine whether it is safe for parents and buses to travel.

DPS Weather Decision and Notification Procedure

DPS contacts the news media as soon as the school closing or delay decision is made. Parents who have email can receive an electronic alert by signing up for the Weather Alert email. This email message is among the first contacts to be made when these decisions are made.

Where to get Notification

Watching DPS Cable Ch. 4 and the major television stations and listening to local radio stations also are ways to learn about any school closings or delays. You may also sign up to receive Weather Alert email.

Current Weather Conditions

Get current and forcasted weather for Durham. The weather is updated in real time from the National Weather Service.