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Emergency Information

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Emergency Preparedness

Durham Public Schools works closely with emergency management, law enforcement, public health, and other safety officials at the local, county, state, and federal levels to develop and strengthen school plans for handling emergencies.  Each school has an Emergency Preparedness Plan which includes guidelines on how to respond to severe weather, fire, chemical, and terrorist attacks during school and business hours.  Although all school plans have similar guidelines, recommendations, and standards, each school implements a response plan that reflects the needs of their individual school community.  All schools have emergency and crisis response teams that are an integral part of the school’s emergency management plan.

Emergency Messages

Durham Public Schools transmits crisis/emergency messages when necessary using the following media:
  • Web site at www.dpsnc.net
  • Parent Hotline 919-560-9129
  • DPS Cable Channel 4
  • Local radio and television station broadcasts
  • Durham Public Schools ConnectEd Notification System
  • Weather/Closing Alert Email Sign-up

Parents Can Help

  • Keep emergency contact information updated using the Student Data Sheet at your child’s school. This information includes your home and emergency phone numbers, home address, special medical needs, and emergency pick-up information.
  • Encourage your child to follow directions given by school personnel.
  • Stay calm. Our first priority is keeping students safe.
  • Talk to your child about emergencies. The following Web sites are good parent resources:
  • Contact your child’s school or the Risk Management Services Office, 560-3829, for additional information.