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IB Diploma Programme

IBflagsmed.jpgThe IB Diploma Programme is a rigorous academic program for Grades 11 and 12 that is intended to prepare students for high achievement in universities world-wide. Students study six subject areas and are evaluated on a variety of tasks by classroom teachers and international examiners. In addition, they participate in creativity, action and service activities, write an independent research essay, and complete the Theory of Knowledge course. Students who achieve appropriate scores on assessments and fulfill all additional requirements will receive an IB Diploma.

Colleges and universities worldwide seek IB Diploma students for admission and many offer advanced placement, college credit, and scholarships for IB Diploma holders. Students may also elect to participate in individual IB courses and will receive certificates for those exams. Students interested in pursuing the IB Diploma are strongly encouraged to participate in the Middle Years Programme to prepare them for the future rigors of the Diploma Programme.