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About English as a Second Language

Sashi Rayasam
Director of K-12 ESL Services
Fuller Administration Building
511 Cleveland Street
P.O. Box 30002
Durham, NC 27702
Phone: (919) 560-3783

More than 90 different indigenous languages and dialects are spoken by the students of Durham Public Schools.  DPS embraces the rich diversity that defines the community we serve.  Our English as a Second Language department continues, therefore, to embolden its efforts to keep up with our growing population of students whose families hail from other countries.

There are approximately 4,565 students in Durham Public Schools who receive ESL services.  Our ESL population is growing at an increasingly fast pace.

This is why it is critical that DPS offer the resources to ensure that our ESL students are achieving at their highest levels possible.  This includes bolstering our efforts to hire qualified ESL teachers, along with securing materials to support their work.

It also includes reaching out to our ESL parents to provide them with the support they need to ensure their children’s success.  In addition, we must engage in collaborative efforts with our many supportive community partners.