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Hub Farm

HubFarm1What’s a Hub Farm? We’re glad you asked! The Hub Farm of Durham Public Schools is a 30-acre school-system farm and wooded trails where students, teachers and the community:
  • Grow, harvest, cook and eat healthful food
  • Hike, bike, and explore nature
  • Engage in experiential learning about agriculture, food systems, and natural science.


    The Floating Lab at the Hub Farm — the amazing lab space that the NCSU College of Design Architecture students are building as part of the summer Design/Build Studio — is on the water!


    The Floating Lab Project is a place for students to gather and engage in hands-on learning, fun interaction with the water, and concerts and plays! The Durham Public Schools HUB FARM and the School of Architecture at North Carolina State University are partnering to create 576 sf of gathering space that will give students a direct experience with the cyclical nature of water. A metal grate in the flooring system gives students access to the pond water for sample collection and testing. The Lab also provides a shaded space for teachers and students to gather for lessons.