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High School Career Preparation

CTE CareerDurham Public Schools offers a number of options for high school students who have particular areas of career interests. All of the comprehensive high schools (Hillside, Southern, Riverside, Jordan, and Northern) offer pathway courses within the Business, Management & Administration, Hospitality & Tourism, Marketing, and Transportation, Distribution & Logistics clusters.  These same schools offer additional pathway/cluster courses based on the facilities available at each site.  Some schools are unique in their pathway and cluster offerings.  City of Medicine Academy offers courses in the Health Sciences cluster and Durham School of the Arts offers programs in the Arts, A/V Technology & Communications cluster.  Lakeview School offers programs in technology, culinary arts and early childhood.


Students may apply to attend a high school that features a pathway if the school is outside the student’s assigned attendance zone.  If there is space, students generally can enroll in these programs.


Students who choose a pathway within a career cluster must have four courses within a particular area of chosen study. Honors credit is available for selected CTE courses, namely Computer Engineering 2, E-Commerce, and Medical Science.


Cluster/Pathway Chart (PDF)