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Changing for the Future

  • Changing for the FutureWhat are the careers of the future?
  • How can high schools help prepare students for these jobs?
  • What careers are of interest to students and do the courses offered match the need?


These are just a few of the questions being asked as Durham Public Schools Career-Technical Education reinvents its program for the workplace of today and tomorrow.  CTE has performed a curriculum audit to assess the current curriculum offerings and continuous efforts are being made to develop new courses.  DPS also is reviewing data from students using the Futures for Kids Website to plan a program that supports our students’ career interests.  The student interest data and economic data on labor and employment trends/projections are being used to ensure that the CTE program equips students for the 21st-Century job market.


CTE Director Rick Sheldahl, a former Career-Technical Education Curriculum teacher, is guiding the program through these changes.