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DPS releases first State of System Performance Report which reveals progress

September 3, 2009


CONTACT: Dr. Terri Mozingo, Chief Academic Officer, Instructional Services, 560-2027


DURHAM—Durham Public Schools has released a State of the System Performance Report, and the results look overall positive for the district. 

The report, presented to the Board of Education’s Instructional Services Committee today, is to help DPS attain and maintain excellence in all key management and operational areas. It comprises a number of district instructional and stakeholder satisfaction indicators selected by the Board of Education.

According to the report, DPS met seven of 12 instructional goals in the 2008-09 school year.  They are:

  • increased performance composites for third, fifth and eighth grades;
  • overall ABCs target growth;
  • percentage of schools meeting Adequate Yearly Performance (AYP);
  • percentage of students enrolled in Academically and/or Intellectually Gifted (AIG) programs; and,
  • an increase in performance on the Vocational Education Competency Achievement Tracking System (VoCATS) test, an assessment of Career and Technical Education courses.

Areas that showed improvement but did not meet district goals were the high school End-of-Course (EOC) test composite scores, the four-year graduation cohort rate and Advanced Placement (AP) course participation.  Instructional areas that showed decreases and did not meet goals were the district’s attendance rate and average SAT performance ratio compared to the national average.

This data reflect that many of Durham Public Schools’ efforts are working, but the Central Services team, principals and teachers know that it is essential to use the information to focus ever more specifically on where extra support for students must be provided.

Under stakeholder satisfaction indicators, the district average for teacher working conditions survey decreased, while baseline data have been established for student engagement surveys.

The Board of Education adopted a policy in April establishing the report for the following:

  1. Provide a concise, but comprehensive summary of district performance, including  baseline data, targets and results;
  2. Present data clearly and in an easily understood manner;
  3. Communicate the Board of Education’s priorities to the community; and,
  4. Contain regularly updated information based on regular management reports and management oversight workshops.

The report will be reviewed at least on an annual basis and its results are to be shared with schools and the community at large.

“The collecting and analyzing of good instructional and stakeholder data are essential in helping to craft the work we do to ensure that we have excellent schools,” said Superintendent Carl Harris. “The Performance Report is the perfect instrument for the Board of Education, the Durham Public Schools administration, principals, teachers and the community at large to gauge our progress along with the areas that need more focus.  We will use this data as we plan for the success of our students.”