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Stormy visits Easley Elementary

Canes mascot kicks off the Storm Zone Learning Lab

Canes mascot Stormy made a special visit to Easley Elementary to officially open the "Storm Zone Learning Lab" for students with severe communication needs

Stormy kicked off the event by using robotic scissors to cut the blue ribbon to the Storm Zone Learning Lab, showing off some of the advanced technology the students in Mrs. St. John's class will use to better communicate and learn.

The Storm Zone Learning Center has been made possible by a grant from the Carolina Hurricanes, Kid's 'N Community Foundation and New Voices Foundation. New Voices Foundation is a nonprofit organization established in 2006, to assist children ages 3-16 who have good academic potential but who are challenged by significant communication and mobility issues.

Easley Elementary is one of the first schools in the area to receive state-of-the-art technology and learning equipment to assist children with exceptional needs as part of a partnership between New Voices Foundation and Durham Public Schools.