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Transferring to another school

    • Officially withdraw your student from his/her current school by stopping by the school to let us know!    This means returning all textbooks and library books, paying any outstanding fees, and picking up personal belongings (including student pictures or fundraiser items for which you may have already paid).   If you provide us with your new address and phone number these items may be mailed to you if they have not yet been delivered to the school.
    • Please let us know the name of your child’s new school and what records you’re going to need to enroll your student in the new school.   For example, many schools will require you to present a copy of the immunization record and the last report card.   Ask for a copy of the records you’ll need for enrollment so there will be NO DELAY in starting school. 
    • For elementary students you may also want to ask for student work from his/her elementary school portfolio.  High school students will have already put some work into a Career Development Portfolio that may help with choosing classes at the new school.
    • If your student has received any special services in DPS, ask for a copy of the latest Individual Education Plan or IEP.    For academically- and intellectually-gifted students, ask for the latest Group Education Plan.
    • While you’re making your farewells at school, be sure to make a note of the school’s complete address and fax number.  Hand that information to the new school. Then the new school will request the educational records.