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DPS Cares for its Employees!

There are so many benefits that come from working in the Durham Public School system.  Not only do you receive all the state employee benefits, but DPS knows how to support its employees. 

DPS also encourages Professional Development.  We partner with the NC Model Teacher Consortium to encourage teachers to continually seek ways to better their teaching. 

Another way DPS encourages professional development is through PLC Days.  Students are dismissed early several times a year for Professional Learning Community Days, which are devoted to group work for teachers.  We also develop Summer Institutes and strongly support and encourage teachers to become Nationally Board Certified.

DPS has excellent before and after school care programs.  The vast majority of our after school programs have received a 5-star rating – the highest rating – from the North Carolina Division of Child Development.  So you can be confident that while you are working, your children are involved in a high level before and after school program. 

Below are links to help you learn more about some of the specific ways DPS supports its employees: